Craig's Utility Library Updated to 1.4

It's been a while since I've made a new version available but I finally updated Craig's Utility Library to version 1.4. As always, this contains any and all code from my site that is basic enough to only require the .Net framework that I think would be helpful. Anyway, this update contains these added classes:
  • RSD helper class
  • BlogML loader
  • CSV loader
  • Matrix class
  • Vector class
  • Various Image related classes/functions
    • Convolution filter class
    • Bump map creator
    • Normal map creator
    • Box blur, Gaussian blur, Kuwahara blur, Symmetric Nearest Neighbor blur
    • Sharpen, Sobel emboss and negative image functions
  • Valid email function
  • File manager functions added for FTP (password or anonymous access) and HTTP content as well as some binary content fixes

It also contains various fixes to some classes and the Image class now uses the convolution filter for many of its functions. Also the DLLs are now signed. So definitely give it a try (you can download it from CodePlex here), leave feedback, and happy coding.